Brilliant Infographic “Evolution of a Salesperson”

Brilliant! – Check out this infographic “Evolution of a Salesperson” via @nusparkmktg on Twitter, and upon further digging, created by DK New Media and Caskey Training which can be found here.


4 Awesome Questions for Leaders

Just found this nugget in an article in Business Insider.  The article explains that in his letter to shareholders, then newly appointed IBM Chairman Sam Palmisano explains that he was recently looking over his notes from his first meeting as chairman back in 2003. He was surprised to see how little he wrote. At the top of the page, he had only four questions:

  • Why would someone invest in us?
  • Why would customers buy from us?
  • Why would someone work here?
  • Why would society allow us to operate?
Powerful questions for any organizational leader to ask.  What would you say?