Social Media Policy – Is it Possible? Ask Coca-Cola

Many companies with whom I have worked struggle to get into the game on social media.  Due to engrained habits, they can not see a clear way to add this new dimension to their marketing mix.  Today, it is really not an option.  Conversations about your company are happening out there – period.  The only decision you really have is, “Do I want to participate?”  I would suggest that your answer should be YES!   But that begs the question – what do you do on Monday morning?  How do you really operationalize these media that can be (and should be) much more colloquial than our traditional corporate communications?  Establishing a policy in this area seems a non-starter for many firms.  However, it is happening.  See Coca-Cola’s new social media policy:  http://www.digitalbuzzblog.com/coca-cola-launches-new-social-media-policy/ .  If a global company with 92,000 employees can do this (in 3 pages no less!)  don’t you think your company can swing it?