9 thoughts on “Those Under 30 Blogging Less, Using Social Media More

  1. Eh, that’s not really all that surprising to me. Blogging requires a much higher level of commitment, and lots of young people don’t feel like putting that sort of effort into something like blogging. They’re (/we’re) looking for quick and easy fun, and blogging requires too much dedication for most people. Interesting, nonetheless. Thanks for the link.

    • Thanks, Steven. I agree. It takes time to keep even this blog up. Much easier for me to tweet and retweet to get thoughts out there. I wonder what effect talking in 140 character bits has on a person over the long haul though? Maybe nothing?

    • I actually just thought of the commitment factor. I am in the young category and I realize that among my peers I am doing something that they do not understand. They look at me and wonder why I would type essays 2-3 a week and then post them online.

      • @Tim Yeah, great point. I mean, really, how much influence can you have with one 140-character tweet. I’d argue that over a longer period of time, it’d be possible to be influenced by someone’s tweeting. I just don’t think it would happen like it does with a blog post.

        @AnotherDayOnFacebook Yeah, me too. It’s a lot of effort for a very small (and often very delayed) reward. Unless you’re really into writing, in which case people generally are more apt to understand your motivations, I guess.

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