The Two-Year Sales Cycle That Proves Nurturing Works

Yesterday, I had the satisfaction of closing a sale on which I’d been working for over two years.  I can’t describe the feeling better than to say this is why you get into sales!

A two-year sales cycle is crazy!” you say?  I would submit that it is more the norm these days when you look at the total life of a deal.  As you can imagine this represented the culmination of many, many touch points with my client.

In their outstanding book “Professional Services Marketing,” the partners at Wellesley Hills Group espouse the concept of “Nurturing.”  I could not agree more.  As mentioned in the book, the “long sales cycle” equals the months and even years that it takes to foster a strong relationship while the client builds to a point where they have a real initiative and funding and are thus in active buying mode. The concept is that the “short sales cycle,” once the client is able to buy, is much shorter – perhaps only several weeks. 

But you need to focus on the nurturing that puts you in a position on the long-cycles so when that buyer is ready, you are a trusted source for solutions and the obvious choice.

What are you doing to stay in front of your highest priority customers monthly, or even weekly, to nurture your way to more sales?


2 thoughts on “The Two-Year Sales Cycle That Proves Nurturing Works

  1. In high school, my Italian teacher used to say, “Piano, piano, si va lontano” which means “Slowly, slowly, one goes far. I and my biz partner repeat this phrase frequently. I think we tend to be impatient in sales and business development at times. When I read your post, Tim, I immediately thought of this phrase.
    Thanks for another great one and congrats on the sale!

  2. April,
    Thanks for the comment. Love the Italian translation. I agree with you on the tendencyto be impatient these days. That’s not how POM rolls, I’m sure! April founded a company with another former banker that helps individuals with wealth management, paperwork, processes and projects related to their personal finances. You should check it out!

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