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The Four Stages of Getting Twitter

Have you been using Twitter?  Well, 190 million people have found some valuable reasons to.  Perhaps it’s time for you to check it out.  Once you do, don’t expect to become an expert or to fall in love right away.  It takes some getting used to.

Here’s an example: Aaron Lee, who is a great “Tweeter” on social media topics, “Re-Tweeted” (forwarded)   Jay Oatway‘s tweet about the info-graphic above in November.  It’s posted on pop-culture blog TopCultured and captures your learning curve better than anything I’ve found out there.  Without Twitter, I would never have known it existed.  He breaks it down into 4 Stages:

 Stage 1: You begin – “Crazy morons…”  and “…I tried it for a day, it’s stupid!” 
Stage 2: You will progress to being curious: “…I had a burger today.”
Stage 3: The light bulb comes on: “…I think, therefor I am.”
Stage 4: You are a full convert:  “Hey, @Tim_Kocher – Thx for re-tweeting!”

 Once you get there, you’ll find Twitter can be your most valuable source of targeted, real-time, and interactive information.  It’s like a cable TV channel that you build over time with the most relevant and up-to-date information that exists for you. 

So get started, you have a few stages to work through!


3 thoughts on “The Four Stages of Getting Twitter

  1. Hi Tim,

    Couldn’t agree more with your assessment of Twitter being a valuable on-demand information resource. The flip side to this is the outbound capabilities of Twitter, and the reach this affords companies looking to define, redefine, or underscore their messaging. I am constantly aware of the buzz being created by my company, or the recent activities of my clients in their own market space, which allows me to stay current on the needs they might have. This gives me the opportunity to create a customer persona that will then allow me to effectively customize a solution based on individual role and responsibilities.

    Also, to touch on your mention of Ardath’s recent book, which I would highly recommend to anyone in the marketing/biz dev/sales function, surrounding your client with relevant content to his or her role within the company is imperative to accelerating the sales process, and more important than ever in leveraging any possible solutions your company might be able to provide. Good work, and keep the posts coming!

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