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Honesty is the Best Policy

I was just informed by a client that I lost a large project for which I was told I was a finalist.  It’s a long story,  but the bottom line is that I was mislead. 

Lying certainly does not fly when I’m the customer, but I found out today that it also does not work for me when I’m the seller. 

There were many times throughout the buying process when this client could have warned me or signaled me that there was not a chance for me to win.   I know what you’re thinking, maybe he needed me for leverage.  In this case, it turns out no – the alternate solution was not a similar service.  The only thing I did not get was the truth, and I was asking the hard qualifying questions all along .

In the karmic nature of the universe, this type of behavior tends to pay us back ,  so I’m not dwelling on what to do next with this client.  I’m sure it will work itself out.  I just don’t think that the fibbing is worth the energy.  Paraphrasing Mark Twain, “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember everything you said.”

One good thing will come of this situation, however.  This was a solid reminder to treat those with whom you work with transparency and honesty.  I think that if you do, you will get it back in return.


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