Sales Team Meeting – A Shot in the Arm

Got together with my national sales team last week. It was an extremely valuable exchange of ideas.

When was the last time you gathered your sales team together for a face to face?  For us, it had been too long.

These meetings (when properly planned and executed) are so valuable you really need to do them annually at a minimum.  What type of value do you get?

  1. Comrodarie: More than putting faces with the names, you realize that you are not in this alone. Others are struggling and succeeding with you, through the same obstacles and leveraging the same resources.
  2. Best Practices Exchange: There is no better way to make a “best rep = all reps” changes than getting the entire team together to interact in person. You all learn more than you bargained for – guaranteed.
  3. Process Improvement: When you get the whole team to surround a problem, you can make not only incremental changes but also take some quantum leaps because you are all there for consensus to action.
  4. Energy Boost: You leave with a shot in the arm. You leave with the energy of just having met with an incredibly talented team of people and a sense of the overall goal. You feel like storming the field.

The day that we all arrived home, each and every rep connected with me to say it was a great investment of their time and that they learned a lot.  They look forward to attacking the rest of the year.

So when was your last sales meeting? 

More importantly, when is your next one?


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